The Muntham House School Primary Unit caters for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2, occasionally including those in lower Key Stage 3, to aid the transition into secondary learning. The placement of Children and Young People within each class is assessed by the Primary team based on individual needs; such as emotional development, ASC needs and statement requirements, as well as age and academic ability. 

All behaviours and events are seen as learning opportunities as our pupils are supported in gaining a greater understanding of how their own emotions and personal choices impact on both themselves and others. 

Our academic learning provides access to a broad, balanced and curriculum for all. It has been specifically designed for Muntham House School Primary pupils, with the aim to build pupils self-esteem and confidence to becoming more independent learners. This is supported further with educational trips to deepen their engagement within the curriculum. We provide opportunities to develop closer links with the local and wider community to enable pupils to learn about the world around them and have a positive impact on their world. 

Each school days is tailored to accommodate pupils individual, personal and sensory needs, ensuring brain breaks and physical activity are readily available to keep learners engaged. The unit is designed with this in mind, providing the pupils with outdoor play equipment, sensory areas and an inclusion of a close working relationship to Occupational Therapists to include classroom sensory equipment. 

The Primary Unit strives to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment with clearly defined areas including ‘cosy corners’, a den which was personally decorated by the Primary Unit members, a sensory room and outdoor learning spaces. The unit is regularly visited by our Pets As Therapy dogs, Blossom and Buzz enjoy reading and working with our pupils.

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